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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Full Service Menu

Challah Whole Wheat S/M.L/E Large
             White Flour  Water S/M/L/ E Large
                                  Sweet S/M/L/E Large
Bagel (large orders only) Plain or Seasoned
Pita Whole Wheat
       White Flour
Hot Dog roll

Order Options:
Per Portion  
Pick choices as part of a meal
Pick choices as part of a Simcha

Moroccan Style   Nile / Salmon  with Stir-Fried Vegetables  45 shekel
Salmon Teriyaki with Broccoli         45 shekel
Breaded Sole with French Fries  38 shekel
Sweet Salmon with Stir-Fried Vegetables 45 shekel
Sole Crusted with Moroccan Spices on a Bed of Rice 38 shekel
Gefilte Fish with Onion and Carrots (only as part of a shabbos /Y.T order)
Gefilte Fish in Reds Sauce on a Bed of Rice (only as part of a shabbos /Y.T. order)
Sole with Honey and Onions on Bed of Rice 38 shekel
Spicy Grilled Salmon with Stir-Fried Vegetables 45 shekel
Deli Seasoned Salmon on Caesar Salad  45 shekel
Lox Roll-ups on Caesar Salad    30 shekel (minimum 6 portions)
Herring (for Kidushim and Shabbos)
Tuna Patties on Bed of Rice 30 shekel
Tuna Salad on a Bed of Lettuce and Vegetables  18 shekel

Order Portions;
Small /  1/4 Liter
Medium/ 1/2 Liter
 Large/ Liter
 Extra Large

Cucumber Salad  S-12  M-24  L-40
Coleslaw (with Mayo)S-12  M-24  L-40
White Cabbage Salad S-18 M-36 L-50
Purple Cabbage Salad  S-18 M-36 L-50
Corn Salad (with Mayo) S-12  M-24   L-40
Israeli Salad  S-12   M-24   L-40
Caesar Salad  S-18 M-36 L-50
Breaded Chicken Salad  (minimum Large) -60
Roast Chicken Salad  (minimum Large) -60
Deli Salad  (minimum Large) -60
Avocado Salad (Seasonal) S-18  M-36  L-50
Health Salad S-18  M-36 L-50
Mandarin Orange Salad S-22 M-44 L- 60
Spaghetti and Cabbage Salad S-18  M-36  L-50
Carrot Salad  S-12   M--24  L-40
Dairy Greek Salad (minimum Large 60 shekel
Mango Salad (seasonal) S-22 M-44 L- 60
Potato Salad   S-12  M-24  L-40
Pasta Salad S-18 M-36 L-50
Beet Salad (with or without mayo) S-12 M-24 L-40

Vegetable Platters  S - 70 shekel       L-100shekel

Fruit Platters (seasonal)   M-100 shekel     L-180 shekel

Portion Miminum   L- 1 Liter
As part of a Meal
As part of a Simcha

Chunky Vegetable Soup  L-45
Pea Soup L-40
Carrot Soup (Pureed)  L-40
Pumpkin Soup(Pureed)  L-40
Chicken Soup  L-45
Mushroom Barley soup L-40
Meat Mushroom Soup L-45
Dairy Mushroom Soup L-40
Tomato Soup L-40
French Onion Soup L-45
Yemenite Meat Soup L-45
Roasted Garlic Soup L-40
Minestrone Soup L-40

Knaidlach per portion 4 shekel
Lukshen per portion 4 shekel
Kreplach (Yom Kippur/Succot) 9 shekel
Soup Nuts 4 shekel
Croutons 4 shekel

Portion Order Comes with side of Vegetable and Starch
Part of a Meal
Part of a Simcha

Roasted Chicken  60 shekel
Garlic Chicken 60 shekel
Honey Mustard Chicken 60 shekel
Breaded Chicken (Oven Baked)  60 shekel
Caramelized Chicken Onions  60 shekel
Barbecue Sauce Chicken 60 shekel
Grilled Chicken 60 shekel
Fried Schnitzel/(Oven Baked) 60 shekel
Juicy Chicken Cutlets 60 shekel
Spicy Chicken Cutlets 60 shekel
Chicken Deli Roll-ups Breaded/not breaded 60 shekel
Chicken Wraps 60 shekel
Chicken Vegetable Kebabs 60 shekel
Sesame Chicken 60 shekel
Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry 68 shekel
Chicken and Meat roll up 68 shekel
Roast (minimum 4) 68 shekel per portion
Meat balls (minimum 4 )32 shekel per portion
Meat Lasagna (minimum 4 )32 shekel per portion
Deli Roll (minimum whole roll) ( does not come with sides)48 shekel
Liver  Chopped//Egg salad (Shabbos /Yom Tov)
Mini Franks in Blankets ( 26portions) 48 shekel ( does not come with sides)
Franks in Blankets ( 9 portions)( does not come with sides) 48 shekel
Chulent (Thursday night  Shabbos Simchas Big orders) 12 shekel portion
Meat Chulent (Thursday night  Shabbos Simchas Big orders) 15 shekel
Stuffed Cabbage ( 9portions) ( does not come with sides) 135 shekel
Shepherd's Pie (4 portions) (does not come with sides) 70 shekel
Meat Loaf  (minimum 4 portion) 32 shekel per portion
Goulash (4 portions) (does not come with sides) 70 shekel
Moussaka (4 portions) (does not come with sides) 70 shekel
 Turkey Roast  (minimum 4 portions) 52 shekel per portion

Portion Indavidual  Small       Medium         Large         Extra Large

Vegetable Roll-up Kugel (with flour)  standard size 45 shekel
Sweet Potato Kugel (sweet) (no flour Soft) small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Carrot Kugel (sweet) (with flour) small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Broccoli Kugel small 35  Medium 55  Large 105
Potato Kugel small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Cinnamon Noodle Kugel(sweet)  small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Sweet Apple Noodle Kugel small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Yerushalmi Kugel (spicy) small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Apple Kugel (sweet) (with or without flour) small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Cranberry Apple Kugel  small 35  Medium 55 Large 105
Cabbage Kugel small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Onion Mushroom Kugel small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Zecchini Kugel small 30  Medium 45 Large 90
Potato Knish (with flour) small 30  Medium 45 Large 90

Side dishes
Portion Large order minimum sized for eight portions
Part of a Meal
Part of a Simcha

Roast Potatoes 60 shekel
Mashed Potatoes with onions 80 shekel
Sweet Potato Sticks 60 shekel
Vegetable Lo-Mein  75 shekel
Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables 65 shekel
Couscous and corn salad 55 shekel
Brown Rice  Plain 45 shekel     65 with vegetable additons
Basmati, Plain 45 shekel     65 with vegetable additons
White Rice Plain 30 shekel  50 with vegetable additions
All rice with a choice of  Plain Mushrooms, Vegetables, Stir Fried with vegetables, Honey rice with vegetables
Stuffed Peppers with rice 80 shekel
Pasta with
rosted vegetables, 60 shekel
sesasme seeds and soy sauce, 60 shekel

Vegetable Sides
Portion  Mimimum order Large  size for eight portions
Meal Option
Simcha Option

Stir fried Vegetables 80 shekel
Roasted Vegetables  (Beets, Sweet Potaoto, Potato, Squash, Pepers) 80 shekel
Tzimmis70 shekel
Green Beans in tomatoe sauce 80 shekel
Green Beans with almond and sesame 80 shekel
Chilli Green Beans 80 shekel
Zucchini in tomatoe sauce 80 shekel
Ratatouille 80 shekel
Sweet and Sour Cabbage 80 shekel

As part of a Meal
As part of a Simcha

Penne Pasta ala Vodka
Cheesy Lasagna
Pizza (various toppings)
Cheese Balls
Granola Yogurt
Cheese Latkes
Milchig Noodle Kugel

Cheese Cakes

Seasonal flavors

Chocolate Cake\ (Frosting)
Sponge Cake
Coffee Cake

Platter Cakes
Chocolate Mousse
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Cinnamon Buns with frosting
Chocolate Babka
Cinnamon Babka
Jello Cups
Jello Mousse

Fruit with sauce
Vegetable with dressing

Lemon Meringue
Chocolate PeanutButter

Cup Cakes with Frosting

Chocolate Chip
Black and White
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chip Sticks

Banana Chocolate Chip

Fresh Fruit Cups
Pears in Wine Sauce
Baked Apples  With or without walnuts


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dessert Bar Affair

We will plan your party to express your taste and give your guest a beautiful and delicious event to remember

A Dairy Affair to Remember

Bread                Bagels/ Rolls/Pita      Whole wheat 

Large Challah (Bris) 

Platters                 Vegetable Platters    Egg
                                                          Cream Cheese

*Cheese Balls          Various Flavors

*Cereal                   Granola and Yogurt
                                 Bran Flakes
                                 Corn Flakes

*Hot Platter             Lasagna
                               Bourekas Cheese
                                 Mini Pizzas
                                 French Toast

 *Salad                      Pasta
                                 Pasta and Red Cabbage

*Fruit Platters            In Season Fruit Platters


 Cake Platters
                                 Chocolate Mousse


Coffee bar                  Coffee 
                                 Sugar Substitute

Drinks                       Juice
                                 Chocolate Milk
                                 Soft Drinks    

Menu Options

Main Dishes

Fish            Sole-         Breaded  
                                   Spicy    (G-Free Option)
                                   Moroccan (G-Free Option)
                                   Breaded with Sweet Onion
                  Salmon-    Sweet (G-Free Option)
                                   Spicy (G-Free Option)
                                   Garlic and Lemon (G-Free Option)

Chicken       Roasted Chicken (G-Free Option)
                   Breaded Schnitzel
                   Chicken Nuggets
                   Grilled Chicken Cutlet (G-Free Option)
                   Chicken Lo Mein (with pasta)

 Meat                   *Roast         Marinated Roast

Chop Meat    Meatballs   (G-Free Option)
                    Hamburger (G-Free Option)
                    Meatloaf      (G-Free Option)

Vegan          Lentil Roll    (G-Free Option)
                   Bean Salad (G-Free Option)
                   Rice Stuffed Peppers (G-Free Option)


Starches-   Spaghetti-Plain
                   Rice -Plain         (G-Free Option)
                            Mushroom (G-Free Option)
                            Vegetable    (G-Free Option)

                   Potato- Roasted    (G-Free Option)
                               Mustard and Dill (G-Free Option)
                               Roasted Sweet Potato Sticks (G-Free Option)
                               Mashed Potatoes (G-Free Option)
                               French Fries (G-Free Option)
               Couscous- (Large Pasta) Israeli Plain 
                                (Large Pasta) Israeli with vegetables
                                 With Fried Onions
                                 With Corn 

Vegetables-   Roasted Vegetables   (G-Free Option)
                      Ratatouille              (G-Free Option)
                      Breaded Eggplant
                      Squash and Onions (G-Free Option)

Salads -         Green Salad               (G-Free Option)
                     Caesar Salad              (G-Free Option)
                     Pasta Salad
                     Dairy Greek Salad       (G-Free Option)
                     Israeli Salad                 (G-Free Option)

Dairy Main Dish      

                Pizza- White Flour Sauce and Cheese
                           Spelt Flour Sauce and Cheese
                           Whole Wheat Sauce Cheese
                            Toppings- Onion Mushroom

              Pasta- Lasagna
Price include One Main and Two Sides
Order two person minimum
Adult Menu 60 Shekel a portion (Does not include delivery outside Har Nof)
Child Menu 50 Shekel a portion (Does not include delivery outside Har Nof)

*Roast is a 6 person order minimum

Shabbos Menu

 Menu for Friday Night
Fish -Gafilta with Carrot
       *Salmon Spicy
Chicken Soup with Matzo Ball
Roasted Chicken White
Starch- Potato Kugel
          Sweet Noodle Kugel
          Yerushalmi Kugel
          Rice Plain or with Vegetables
          Roasted Potatoes
Vegetable -Israeli Salad
                 Stir fried 
                  Zucchini in tomato sauce
                  Green bean dish
                  Red Cabbage Salad
Dessert -Chocolate Cake
             Lemon Cake
             Sponge Cake
             Baked Apple with Walnuts
             Jell-O Mouse
              Seasonal fruit Salad

 Menu for Shabbos Day
Fish -Gafilta with Carrot
       *Salmon Spicy
Eggs and Liver
Starch -Potato Kugel
          Sweet Noodle Kugel
          Yerushalmi Kugel
         **Vegetable Kugel Broccoli
                                   Butternut Squash Kugel
Salad -Potato Salad
         Beat root Salad
         Corn Salad

Seudah  Shlishis
You may order a combination of foods from our menu at individual pricing

*extra charge
**Extra Charge
   Can also be ordered by pan size

Challah and Grape Juice/ Wine available not included in price
You may order additional dishes to personalize your meal
Minimum Order for Two
Orders must be placed by 5:00 Thursday 
Price not including deliver out of Har Nof 75 Shekel per meal